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Matthew Guy

Front-End Software Engineer


I'm passionate about the product and the process.
The product being simple, elegant, and beneficial to users' lives. The process being respectful, trusting, and human. I bring myself to work--I'm funny, curious, principled, easy-going, results-driven, courageous, humble, open-minded, practical, loving, and imperfect. See what my colleagues are saying about me.



Front-End Engineer @ The Black Tux

2016 - 2018
  • Transitioned jQuery/Django template website to a fully API-driven React (JavaScript) Single Page Application.
  • Developed major features, such as our redesigned customer fitting experience. This feature resulted in an increase in step conversion by 24% and checkout conversion by 4%.
  • Evaluated and implemented major architectural changes, such as Model-View-Controller with Redux Sagas to express side-effects, which reversed technical debt and established clear, predictable, and powerful patterns, thereby increasing short and long-term team velocity--references available upon request.
  • Consistently improved site performance (reduced page load speed by 30%) and developer workflows (enabled Hot Module Reloading, stopped webpack from jettisoning when switching branches, reduced CI build time by 50%, etc.).
  • Mentored peers through code reviews and informal 1:1s to improve their technical comprehension.

Head of Development @ Winner Websites

2014 - 2016

Translator @ Korea Techno Agency (KTA)

  • Translated and proofread translations of Japanese patent documents--all work was Japanese to English.


Penn State University

2007 -2012
BS. Information Sciences & Technology
BA. Japanese Language
Minor. Philosophy
GPA 3.85

Nanzan University (南山大学)

2010 - 2011
Nagoya, Japan.
Areas of Study. Japanese Language, Business Culture, Writing, and Translation
研究分野 日本語、企業風土、読み書き、翻訳
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